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          Split case pump
          ProductTitle: big?capacity flood?control?dewatering?pump CHWY
          ProductModel: CHWY
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          Mobile Diesel Engine Flood Control Mix Flow Pump

          Mix Flow pumps are horizontal,single stage,single suction,volute mixed-flow pumps.The pumps are designed to handle clear water or any other kinds of liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to water,so they are widely used for flood, agriculture irrigation and drainage,industrial or municipal water supply and drainage.



          a.Mixed flow diesel pump is suitable for mine.

          b.Suitable for transporting pure water or liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water.

          c.Suitble for agricultural irrigation.

          d.Suitble for water supply and drainage in factory.

          e.Suitbler for power station.

          f. Suitble for flood control



          1.Simple construction,reliable operation.

          2.Easy maintenance and repair.

          3.High efficiency,small space and light weight.


          Main performance range of mix flow pumps:



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