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          Selection of fire pump installation location

          Author: admin Source: 網絡 Posted On: 2020/2/17 13:57:07

          Selection of fire pump installation location
          The installation position of the fire pump should be installed according to the requirements. When the pump is in the correct position, its bearing capacity and pressure must meet the requirements, and its role will be exerted. At the same time, it will pave the way for reducing maintenance and improving its performance.

          The fire pumps are generally arranged below or on the side of the pipe gallery, or they can be arranged near the pumped equipment. The main advantages are good ventilation and easy operation and maintenance. The semi-open-air pump is suitable for rainy areas. Generally, the pump is arranged below the pipe gallery, and the ceiling is set above the pipeline. Or arrange the pump on the lower floor of the frame and use the frame platform as the ceiling. According to the pump layout requirements, the pumps are arranged in single, double or multiple rows. The indoor fire pump is suitable for cold or windy sandy areas, as well as occasions with special technical requirements. Indoor layout should pay attention to fire prevention, explosion protection, heating, ventilation, lighting and other measures.

          The fire pump and the base are installed in two ways, one is a rigid connection directly on the cement foundation, and the other is a flexible connection for JGD type shock absorber installation.

          The filter should be installed on the water inlet pipe to prevent impurities from entering the impeller. The effective area of ??the screen should be 3-4 times the area of ??the inlet pipe to ensure the free flow of liquid.

          In order to maintain safety and ease of use, a regulating valve is installed near the pump inlet and the discharge piping near the outlet of the pump and pressure gauge to ensure operation within the rated range to ensure normal operation of the fire pump and service life.

          Requirements for commissioning:

          1. When the fire pump is started automatically or manually, it should be put into normal operation within 60s;

          2. When starting the fire pump with the standby power switch or standby pump switch, it should be put into normal operation within 60s.

          3. When debugging the stabilizing pump, simulate the design starting conditions, the stabilizing pump should start immediately; when the system design pressure is reached, the fire pump should automatically stop running.

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