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          Diesel water pump needs multiple eyes for wearing parts

          Author: Source: Posted On: 2020/2/21 16:58:00

            In the past few years, the diesel water pump market is relatively ideal compared to the transmission equipment industry. Due to the heavier task of municipal flood control and the increase in the workload of environmental management, the market demand for such products as flood pumps has increased, driving the industry. Faster development. In particular, many diesel generator manufacturers of transmission also participate in the industry. Damaged parts are the most vulnerable parts of diesel water pumps. In the process of use, repair and maintenance, special care is needed for the vulnerable parts. Mainly start from these 7 aspects:
            1. The pump casing is generally made of cast iron, which is prone to cracks due to mechanical force or thermal stress. When the diesel water pump is affected by cavitation during operation or the water in the pump casing is not released in winter, it is also easy to rupture when it is frozen. If it is damaged and cannot be repaired, it should be replaced with a new pump casing.
            2. The pump shaft is generally made of carbon steel, but it is also easily damaged due to manufacturing quality, use or installation. The pump shaft may appear cracks, bends, journal wear, thread damage, etc., and may also break. If the damage is severe and cannot be repaired, a new shaft should be replaced.
            3. The impeller is an important working part of the diesel engine water pump. It is made of cast iron (corresponding anti-corrosion material can also be made according to the working conditions). It is also easily damaged due to manufacturing quality and use. The impeller may appear cracks, as a result of cavitation, holes or perforations are formed on the surface, and the blades are thinned or abraded for a long time by grinding, or even broken by debris. Some defects can be repaired; some defects cannot be repaired, that is, a new impeller should be replaced.
            4. The bearing bush of the sliding bearing is made of copper tin alloy, which has poor wear resistance. It is one of the most vulnerable parts that are easy to wear and burn out. The bearing bush can generally be repaired or replaced with new parts. Rolling bearings generally have an average service life of 5,000 hours, but they are improperly installed, used for a long time or poorly maintained, and are also prone to wear or damage. In addition to the individual parts of the rolling bearing can be replaced with new ones, generally need to replace the whole.
            5. The mouth ring is also called leakage reducing or friction reducing ring. It is one of the most easily worn parts in diesel water pumps. They can be repaired or replaced with new ones after wear. When replacing a new leakage reducing ring, its inner diameter should be configured according to the outer diameter of the impeller inlet. If the outer diameter of the impeller water inlet is worn, turning can be performed to eliminate groove marks and ellipses, and then a leakage reducing ring with a reduced inner diameter is configured. The outer diameter of the impeller water inlet can generally be turned three times.
            6. The filler will harden and lose its elasticity after a long time of use, which will cause the diesel pump to leak air and water. Generally, the new filler should be replaced.
            7. The oil seal of the diesel water pump is a rubber product, which is easy to wear and age. Generally, it must be replaced with a new one.

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