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          The tightness of electric fire pumps is crucial

          Author: Source: Posted On: 2020/2/24 17:42:34

            Among the many performance indicators of electric fire pumps, the leak tightness of fire pumps is an important performance indicator. Poor tightness, leakage, lightness affects the amount of water transported, and severe conditions may cause bursts and other dangerous situations. Therefore, the tightness of the fire pump should be dealt with seriously, and it should not be considered as a leak.
            In the daily maintenance of electric fire pumps, the leak tightness check of the fire pumps is taken as one of the important contents. Only by doing the daily maintenance inspections can we prevent leakage during use. During the maintenance inspection, the fire pump acceptance inspection checks the wear of the mechanical seal filler. If the wear is severe, the filler must be replaced immediately. When using a fire pump, it is mainly necessary to protect the sealing performance of the fire pump. If it is operated under excessive pressure for a long time, it will affect the sealing performance of the fire pump.
            Overpressure operation is easy to leak and there is a danger of serious explosion. When not needed, it is recommended not to operate the fire pump under overpressure, and when purchasing a fire pump, you can choose a better and stronger fire pump.
            So, what are the main characteristics of machine seals?
            1) Shaft diameter: The shaft diameter of the pump is usually a hand-pumped fire pump structure diagram to meet the requirements of strength requirements to select a suitable size series of machine seal dimensions;
            2) Rotational speed: the rotation speed of the pump is not different from that of ordinary pumps;
            3) Uniform circumferential linear velocity of the sealing surface: Refers to the circumferential linear velocity of the uniform diameter of the sealing end surface. The uniform linear velocity of the sealing surface has a great impact on the fever and wear of the sealing surface (that is, the friction pair);
            4) Specific pressure on the end face: refers to the fighting pressure accepted on the sealing surface. The end face specific pressure of the manual seal of the end-face tight fire-fighting hand-pumped motor pump should be controlled within a reasonable scale. If it is too small, the seal performance will be reduced, and the seal cover will increase fever and wear if it is too large.

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